Thursday, October 25, 2012

President of FHE

If you had a meeting at work that was to be the responsibility of the President, how would that go...?

The President doesn't have to be the one talking the whole time, they don't have to be involved in every segment. They can delegate everything if they wanted to. They would have the VP guiding them with suggestions and ideas as to what the company needed. But, in the end if the President doesn't want to have a meeting the meeting doesn't happen. And if the President wants a meeting then it's up to them to implement a meeting.

If a VP asked a president, "How would you like to conduct the meeting?" and the Presidents response was "I don't know." Then what?

I like being in charge. I like running things my way with my ideas. Yet, just like any organization needs specific responsibilities assigned to specific individuals, so does a family. And when people start taking over other peoples assignments it leads to disorganization.

Family Home Evening is our "weekly meeting" for our organization. Tage is "in charge" of the meeting. Of course I want it to go a certain way. But, this is an area that I see an opportunity to gauge how I'm doing in allowing him to take pride in guiding our family, and my ability to support him. So instead of me saying, "Hey everyone we are having FHE! And then asking someone to give the prayer, and having everything already planned...I ask Tage, when will we be having FHE tonight? Anything I can do to help?  I'm very far from being good at this.

As a wife it's easy to fall into "doing it all". But, I feel that it's part of our responsibility to honor our husband by encouraging and reminding him of the responsibilities that are a privilege as the "head of the house."

Just as letting kids take responsibility for their own chores gives them a place in the home. It gives them confidence, it let's them know that they are a part of this family. The same goes for each of us, even the parents. We all need a place. We all need to allow each other to have a place. We need to hold each other to that expectation so that our family functions the best it can. Let your husband take pride in his responsibilities, and take pride in yours.

Work together to create a great organization just as two business partners would.

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