Friday, October 5, 2012

Team Marriage

In every team there are different responsibilities and contributions. Different strengths and weaknesses. Yet when the team scores a goal, the entire team shares all that it took to make it happen.

Tages "Position": Home Base

Things he gets to do:
  • Get the kids up in the morning
  • Watch cartoons with Bobo
  • See Lulu's new fashion of the day
  • Do laundry while watching the morning talk shows
  • Arrange play dates
  • Do homework with the kids
  • See Bobo's face all day
  • See Lulu get off the bus (which I've never done)
  • Provide service to others in the middle of the day
He's great at all of it. It's a position I use to play, and now he gets to do it. I get jealous. I get frustrated that I don't get to have that "position". I sometimes feel bad that he is better at it than I was. But, when I remember that he's my teammate and needs my encouragement and support, he deserves my respect and admiration for his accomplishments and hard work, it feels much better.

As I pursue a career with many possibilities, I find myself forming a new "position". As exciting as a new career can be, I still have moments of jealousy that I don't get to be "Home Base". I have to remember everything has a time and a purpose.

So, rather than be jealous and resentful...when he gets to serve others in the middle of the day, I remember that we are a team, and because of both of our efforts "WE" get to provide service. And "WE" make a new career successful. And "WE" both contribute to allowing the kids to be home and have Bobo watch morning cartoons, and Lulu get off the bus. And even though I'm not there...both of our efforts have created this lifestyle. Without either of our efforts this wouldn't exist.

The late nights at the office, or the early mornings developing a plan...are all part of having my kids enjoy the wonderful blessings of being home. It contributes to my husband being able to focus on school and create the line of work he chooses.


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  1. What a great post! A good reminder for our team too :)