Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Just Chicken

Woke up early to make Brown Sugar Lemon Chicken.
I had thawed the chicken the previous day.

Cut the chicken, breaded it, browned it in the oil. Set it to cool before putting in the fridge for the day. I would finish it up and serve it after work.

Tage got home and I receive a txt asking if the partially cooked chicken should still be on the counter?!!!! Grrrr!

So much for dinner.
So mad!

I get home and we get Lulu ready for Karate lessons. She starts throwing a fit over her belt not being tied right. I told her that if I'm not going to be mad over my chicken then she can't be mad over her belt. She said, it's just chicken, mom...

What a great lesson!

So, if something goes wrong in your day, step back and decide if your belt, or the chicken, or whatever it is, is worth your effort in grumpiness..

1 comment:

  1. What a great lesson! Lulu is so smart! Like the scriptures tell us we need to be as a little child. This is a great reminder of taking a step back. But I am with you I would be mad about dinner :)