Saturday, September 15, 2012

Turn that Frown Upside Down




When Tage says something JERKY...instead of getting mad I'll try to say something sarcastic and tackle him, until we both realize that whatever it is isn't worth a day of silence and hurt feelings. 

Or the moments when I'm about ready to freak out, because someone called someone MEAN for the 100th time... Rather than freak out, I try coming up with a funny moment, "Mean whats mean, is that a new word that actually means Cool? Maybe they said you are as cool as me? Cause look how cool my dance moves are."  (and then bust out your best Justin Beiber moves.) They will be so confused and weirded out, that they will go deal with their own problems.

Our second marriage comes with more uncomfortable, stressful, pride swallowing, faith stretching moments than expected. Many of these moments can quickly become overwhelming, but when you simply are willing to laugh at disagreements, or abrupt comments, it makes for a much happier life.

Just try it. The next time your spouse says something that would normally hurt your feelings, come back with some funny sarcastic comment. I try to think of them prior to situations...I'm not very good at quick come backs, but my husband is a great teacher :) so I'm

May your frustrating moments turn into laughter today!

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