Thursday, December 1, 2011

Standing with Tage was Death Defying Today

2:00 am- wake up to wind rattling our bedroom window.

2:30am- try to turn the light on to find ear plugs, power is out.

3:00 am- Bobo wakes up because the wind and it's too dark. Move him into his sisters room and light a few candles.
- Then we decide to move the LoveSac into the hallway because the window sounds like its about to crash in.
3:30-Sleep until 6:30
6:30! Only 30 minutes to get me and the kids ready in the dark.
Get them up rush and rush, only to find out that schools are closed and daycare is closed.
7:00am- We hear that the freeway is shut down, Tage can't leave for work.
We all snuggle on the couch reading books.
7:30am- Still hanging out, trying to decide what to do. Watching the neighborhood devastation...Windows blown out, siding and roofing flying off, debris and garbage flying around, street signs down, cars shaking...WOW!
8:00am- Decide to get the kids to Gmas house and head to work.
Tage held Bobo and fights through the wind to get to the car.
Lulu is next.....

I was going to walk with her but she walked ahead of me before I was out the door and then the wind picked up my precious girl and carried her about 30 feet down the sidewalk and she landed in the street on her stomach. I screamed and ran to her, barely able to keep my footing. I grabbed onto her before she could roll any further and tried to walk back to the car, without any progress, I wrapped my arms around her and sat in the middle of the street. I prayed that no debris would hit us. Tage came and wrapped Lulu in his arms and got her in the car. I slowly walked backwards, sitting down when needed, eventually making it to the car.

As we drove to Gma's we saw-
  • 5 Trampolines, some high up in trees.

  • Almost every roof has shingles missing.

  • Entire neighborhoods' fences blown down.

  • My parents huge spruce tree torn out of the ground.

  • Sidewalks and driveways torn up because of tree roots.
Lulu and Bobo, are now safe at Gma's and Gpa's.

Tage and I safe at work.

Planning on doing neighborhood clean up tonight.

Although it was a scary morning, I suddenly feel stronger as a family.
We survived the wind storm!


  1. I heard about that wind...super crazy! I wonder where it came from. I am glad that you guys are all safe and that nothing happened to your house either!

  2. Wow that is scary. I love how you describe things. You are an amazing person.