Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dosage of RELAX

We both started new jobs in the same week. Totally different schedule, and we were still getting use to Tage being home during the day. Guess we decided things weren't crazy enough.

I have a certain way I would run the home if I were home and I'm finding it a daily struggle to resist criticizing what's not done. Even when my amazing husband does every stitch of laundry and has the homework and reading done every night, I still find myself overwhelmed by the many tiny things that are undone. I need to relax. My kids are happy and healthy. My husband enjoys his new job. I love my job. We both have jobs and that's more than a lot of others have now. I need to be grateful, and okay that my house isn't going to be immaculate, and homemade meals aren't going to be eloquently presented on the dinner table every night. 

As I settle into a new career, there aren't set hours and it's much different than a job I clocked in and clocked out of and came home. My job now doesn't just stop at 5pm, but I can understand how it's difficult to make the transition when we are use to me simply clocking out and getting home at the same time everyday. For me, wrapping up end of day emails, tying up a few lose ended conversations, making sure everyone I manage is okay for the rest of the day doesn't automatically end at 5pm everyday. 

Sometimes we are both just floundering in getting comfortable, having the faith that we'll make it through. We both feel strongly that we are doing what's best for our family right now. Just because it's right doesn't mean it's easy. (Eating healthy is right, but not always easy or comfortable). 

Probably a big dose of RELAX for the both of us, followed by a tall glass of GRATITUDE could come in handy just about now.

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