Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Step Child Discipline

She (Tage's Ex) had picked up my son from Day Care and took the boys swimming.
I picked them up from the pool after work.
Boys fought about sitting in the middle seat.
So, no one got to sit in the middle.
Dooda starting screaming.
His Mom brought over some treats and said several times that he couldn't have them until he stopped crying.
He never stopped crying, but got the treats anyway.
(I am guilty of doing this, so no judgement at all!)
When he got the treats he stuck his tongue out at me and she told him that it wasn't good to do that.
He continued to throw a fit.

She's his Mom and as long as she is there, it's her rules and her discipline.
I respect her and love her, she's wonderful!

While he's in my care, it's my rules and my discipline.

As soon as we drove away I reached back and took the treats. "You are welcome to have your treats when you calm down. It's not okay to stick your tongue out."

More screaming. I know from past experience that his fits are over in 10 minutes max. So, I remind myself that in 10 minutes it will seem this never happened.

And sure enough as soon as we got to the Day Care to pick up my daughter he was all smiles.

When we ate dinner he gave the least amount of push back I've seen in a long time. I felt I had gained his respect and given him boundaries that helped him feel more confident. He was an angel the rest of the evening.

Parenting well is so much easier when you know they already have a Mom that spoils them.
With my own kids, I'm the one that wants to spoil them, and it gets in the way of good parenting.
I need to be a better parent to my own children, and remember that their Dad spoils them enough for the both of us.

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