Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tage's 1st Day as Stay at Home Dad!

He survived! 

I had no doubt!

He's jumping right in with a Blog and all!


Things he may learn:
  • Why the house isn't spick and span when he gets home.  
  • When 5pm roles around why I haven't even thought about dinner yet. 
  • I have to go to bed early before I freak out!
  • Why it's helpful to clear the table after Dinner and let me relax 
Things I may learn: 
  • Why it's so nice to have the house clean when I get home
  • Why it's so nice to have dinner ready when I get home
  • How hard it is after a long day at work to take over parenting when I walk through the door.
  • It's tough to want to do housework after work, when he's been home all day. 
Oh, how quickly the roles reverse, and how easy it is to fall right into un-appreciation for a role I once lived...and couldn't understand why it was so hard for a husband to come home and take over the house and children...

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