Monday, September 10, 2012

Sparkly Pink Shoes

Every mom will know what I'm talking about...

Your little girl wants to wear the pink sparkle shoes, but they are too small and hurt her feet.
She throws a crazy fit about wanting to wear the sparkle shoes.
You tell her it's fine to wear the pink shoes.
She yells, but they hurt my feet!
Okay, so wear your flip flops.
I don't want to wear the flip flops.
Okay wear the pink shoes.
But they hurt!

And around and around you go.

 We do this more than we think as adults.
You might be in a horrible relationship that hurts and is uncomfortable.Or a job that is destroying you. You may be in a bad habit, or addiction, etc.

Yet you will kick and scream to stay.
You may get a chance to get out, but flip flops certainly are not as attractive as pink sparkly shoes.
We will kill ourselves to wear those shoes that make a great appearance as long as possible, but when we take them off, we find we have destroyed ourselves.
If we would become more humble in order to wear the flip flops for a short time while we wait for new cute shoes, we wouldn't have to inflict so much pain on ourselves.

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