Monday, September 10, 2012

How to be a Stay at Home Dad

We have entered a new phase in our life. An unexpected phase...
Tage has recently become a Stay-at-Home Dad!

This brings so many great possibilities and fears.

  • The kids don't have to go to Day Care
  • Opportunity to start a residual stream of income
  • House gets cleaned more regularly
  • Neighbor kids don't have to go to Day Care
  • More time for kids to practice their activities
  • More time for homework
  • Bonding between the kids and their Step Dad

  • Financially really tight
  • Feel my efforts as a Mom may not be needed
  • Have my really hard working husband become lazy and unhappy
  • Different parenting styles
  • The lack of education compared to Day Care/Preschool
  • It's not going to be done my way... 
My biggest desire is that no matter where my children are, I want them to feel LOVED, ACCEPTED, ENCOURAGED, and UPLIFTED. Even as a mother, I lose my patience, I get frustrated, and have had days where they are failed attempts at bringing a positive spirit into my home. And I'm their Mom! So, I get a bit nervous for their Step Dad. I'm nervous for their biological Dad..

So, in an effort to find more faith and hope in our situation, I listened to the Mormon Channel during my commute this morning and this is what I just happened to listen to:

It's basically a guide on how to be a Dad:

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  1. Wow! What a change. Im sure it will be a great one, though. Hard, for sure....but so many blessings with him at home. I wouldn't stress about the lack of education compared to day care or preschool...really, they will learn infinitely more being at home and the things they'll be taught there aren't as important as time with Dad(step or biological). Playdates now and then and helping them with basic things like shapes/letters/reading and a craft once in a while will be plenty.