Friday, September 7, 2012

Gymnastics Class FAIL

My Lulu has been more excited than I've ever seen her before, in anticipation for her gymnastics class to start.

Yesterday was the day! It was going to be great! She had been practicing cartwheels and roundoffs all day everyday. and I mean everywhere!

Grocery store parking lot.
Grocery store isles.
Around the campground loop.
In the hallway.
At Day Care.
Into the pool.
She wore stretchy pants to school because they were better to do cartwheels with.

As she stood in her violin class, she took every opportunity to whisper "How much more time before we can leave?"  Finally, we were on our way!

We pulled up to the location and the parking lot was empty...that's not good...
The sign on the door indicated that classes would start next week!!!


"So, you want to go get some ice cream?"
I tried my very best to help her skip over pure devastation.
She did great until bed time, when she cried herself to sleep in disappointment...
so so sad!

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