Friday, September 14, 2012

4a.m.- Working Mom Schedule

4:00 AM- That is the goal...
Being a full-time working mom comes with some great sacrifices. One of those is sleep.
I work at 7am with a 40min commute. That ads up to an early early morning.

My alarm goes off at 4:30 right now.
This allows me enough time to work out for 30 minutes.
  • Pack kids lunch
  • Gather up toys as I go back up stairs
  • Shower and dressed
  • 5 minute scripture study with Tage
  • Prayer
  • Kiss the sleeping kids
  • Grab a bag of carrots and a handful of almonds as I walk out the door at 6:20
  • (should be more like 6:10)
  • I do my makeup at my desk
But, if I can't find my workout clothes then my workout gets cut short.
and if I go to get my water and I come up with a great Crock Pot quick dinner idea, then my workout also gets cut short.

So, 4am would guarantee a 30min workout and sometimes a full hour!

Just think that would add 2.5 hours to my life each week!

If only sleeping wasn't so so nice :)

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  1. When I had to be to work at 6:30, I would get up at 4 to work out, too. These days I get up at 5:00. Pretty soon, I am going to have to start doing that 4 a.m. routine again. I love getting my workout in before work, but I get so exhausted, I'm ready to go to bed when the kids go down at 7:00. It's worth it, though!