Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Step Brother Birthdays

The boy's B Days are only 6 days apart.

So, what to do???

1. Joint Party: If we invite our family and the ex's then we end up with the boys getting different amounts of presents or one ex showing up and not the other, then it ends up feeling like one of the boys' party and not the other.

2. Seperate parties: Then do we need to invite mutual friends and mutual family to both parties?

3. Old fashioned: Just family over for cake and icecream, a few gifts from mom and Dad.

So complicated! Then should we do anything for them on their individual birthdays? Maybe a date with just Mom, and a date with just Dad.

Yay for our blended family, so many funny things that I have never thought about.

We are going with Option 3.

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