Monday, September 17, 2012

Certified Choc. Milk Maker

I use to feel like no matter what I did or how I did it, it was never good enough. After my divorce I learned that I like who I am. Now in my second marriage I have had to learn how to be confident in who I am and what I do. And sometimes you have to start with baby steps, I took a step with the chocolate milk.

As I stirred the chocolate milk, my husband states, "That's not how you do it?"

I look at him with confusion and think : Seriously, I think I've made enough chocolate milk in my life to not mess this up completely. Then I think what the heck and I say exactly what I thought...

He comes back with, "No, let me show you and reaches for the glass." 

Um, no. (with all the sass and cute smirk as I could gather, I continue to stand my ground).  I didn't realize that you were a certified Chocolate Milk Maker. 

He rolls his eyes and walks away....VICTORY! I stand tall knowing that I have shown myself and him that I can fend for myself and am his strong equal partner that he can rely on.


The old me scenario: (Don't judge, I know I use to be a doormat)

"That's not how you do it?"

My feelings would be hurt... I would think, if he doesn't have confidence in me to make chocolate milk, then he must not have any at all...

I would pathetically change the way I was making the chocolate milk, in hopes that I would become more acceptable to my husband, "Ruler of the Chocolate Milk making."

I would have shown him that I am a weak individual who doesn't demand respect, even over the way I choose to make my chocolate milk, and I would've lost even more confidence he had for me. 

When all it really was, was him being dumb about the chocolate milk not being made his way.
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