Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Dinner - FAIL


 After an early morning, long day at work, and a long commute home, I'm hungry and excited to spend time with my family. Sometimes spending time in the kitchen making dinner helps me dive into serving my family and feeling "Home." Other times it feels like I went from being stuck at my desk, to being stuck in my car, to being stuck in the Kitchen. 

Monday, I decided to make dinner. I really wanted to sit as a family, and just enjoy being home. We had all been apart all weekend. We were low on meat, but we had Tuna. I like Tuna, and the kids like Tuna. So, I remembered a much loved College Day recipe, that used Tuna but was so yummy. I found the closest recipe I could according to my memory, put it all together, and 40 minutes later, we were all seated at the table enjoying dinner.

Bobo was crying because he wasn't feeling well. He didn't feel like eating. Dooda was voicing his normal rejection of food. Lulu and Tage ate the food, and I was pleased to have magically created a dinner from "nothing" and have Tage even like the ever rejected Tuna!

It wasn't exactly the enjoyable dinner time that I felt I had worked for, but we were together and it was better than nothing. Until...Tage found out that I had put TUNA in the casserole, that I had conveniently titled "Tater Tot Casserole" thinking that he would actually like it, and that his complaints about Tuna have been invalid.

I was so frustrated that I had spent time in the kitchen only to come out a failure and have more dishes to do. I was mad that I didn't work the Tuna Magic that I thought I had. I knew it was NOT worth getting mad over the fact that Tage does not like tuna....OFFICIALLY. And, no one asked me to make dinner, I chose to make dinner. I could've whipped up some Ramen Noodles, or picked up Taco Bell, but I didn't.

Moral of the story is: Accept your loved ones for who they are, even their likes and dislikes. 
Do things out of love and because you choose to, not for praise or with expectation. 

We'll have Cereal next time :)

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