Tuesday, October 23, 2012

But I'm so Comfy!

"Comfortable", and "Good Enough" have never been my thing. I've always ran around crazy with my head chopped off trying to do as much as possible. Yet, over the past year I have found comfort and good enough in my job. It has provided stability and peace.

But so does sitting on the couch everyday never going anywhere, knowing nothing bad will happen because you aren't doing anything...If you don't get in your car, there will be no chance of a car accident. If you don't go for a jog, there will be no chance for tripping.

Just as I wish I could keep my kids so close to me all day to make sure they are okay, I still want them to grow up and learn all the lessons that will create the best people they can be. Unfortunately, we don't become better by never taking a chance. We can't progress without leaps of faith. We can't learn necessary lessons without messing up.

So, here I go taking a leap, hoping I don't fall flat on my face. Yet, knowing that even if I do, it will be better than having just sat on the couch all day. I start my new job next week. I'm THRILLED!

Who knows what can happen when all possibilities for growth now exist!

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