Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Misunderstanding

(Thank you "Pinnedit" for the pic)

My wonderful husband comes up with some great ideas. His latest idea was making "Rocket Pack" for the boys out of recycled soda bottles.
About a month ago he said we should start saving toilet paper rolls to make these...

(Thank you Thrifty Craft Girl for pic)

One morning I say a few empty toilet paper rolls on the back of the tub, I thought, "we must be starting to save for Halloween already." So, every time there is an empty toilet paper roll, I toss it on the pile. Now, reading my Husbands Blog I find out that he doesn't know why there are toilet paper rolls sitting all over the bathrooms. Ha ha ha! I guess I can start throwing them away now, or just leave them on the toilet paper dispenser for him to change, since that's part of his job now...he he :)

I told Dooda to wipe the toothpaste off his mouth with toilet paper. He took a square of toilet paper and wiped his mouth, and Tage said "NO, wipe it on the towel, tp costs money"! I'm sure I suddenly gave him the "death look" and calmly said, "Honey, it's okay, it's toilet paper. I'm okay with him wiping his mouth on it, it's better than on the hand towel or his bath towel." He did not agree, he was determined to save the toilet paper square. Avoiding a fight over a toilet paper square as we sat in the family prayer circle, we silently agreed to disagree.

So glad that he started a blog, I finally have a place to go to understand what the heck he is thinking! I'm glad to know that he was aware of why he freaked out. And most importantly that I WAS RIGHT! ha ha.

I am so impressed at his willingness and ability to do all the Stay-at-home stuff. He asked if I would be willing to do the dishes last night and I really didn't want to, and it crossed my mind, "but you've been home all day." And then I quickly thought about when I was home all day how nice it was that the dishes or laundry or any housework would get done. And I made myself do the dishes.

My husband is doing a wonderful job as a Stay-at-home Dad. Raising step children can not be easy. Raising my own children is not easy. As great as it would be to be home again, I don't know that I would make the drastic change as seemingly easy as he has.

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