Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Four Children and Husband Died

"Life was good for a while, as Mary and George bore four children in quick succession. But tragedy first struck in 1867, when her husband and all the children died in a yellow fever epidemic, within a week of each other. She stayed in Memphis nursing other victims until the epidemic waned, then moved back to Chicago, working as a dressmaker again. But tragedy soon followed. In 1871, she lost everything she owned in her home and seamstress shop in the great Chicago fire".(Women in History)

Listening to women's history's has become a great strength to me.
(Go here to listen to the biography)

She was BOLD, unwavering, STUBBORN, CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, and did whatever was necessary to fulfill her vision for justice.

All of her tragedies through out her life are written in a simple sentence, while the rest of her biography is on her vision, observations, and accomplishments.

We all too often get stuck in our own emotions of devastation and depression when tragedy hits. Yet, we all have great things to accomplish beyond the trials and obstacles we face. If we could understand that the trials are what make us capable of fulfilling our callings in life, then we would allow our tragedies to become a sentence in history.

Devastation can become the glue to our lives and relationships.

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