Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday: His Way or Your Way

We can be so different sometimes, and I find myself totally annoyed when I compromise too much.
He doesn't ask me to compromise, it's my own choice, and that's the most annoying part. 

My perfect Saturday Morning: 
  • Wake up about 7:30
  • Go for a jog
  • Clean the house
  • Pack a picnic
  • Go hiking
  • Run some erands
  • Home for an afternoon "nap"
  • Then a date

This morning: 
  • I wake up about  7:30
  • Clean the house
  • Then lay back in bed with Tage
  • Get the computer to blog
  • He turns on his favorite Avatar cartoons
    and here I sit wishing we were out for a jog or an early morning hike.
But, the day is young, we'll see if it ends up being a Tage Saturday or My type of Saturday. 
Hopefully it turns out to be a bit of both. 

What's your Saturday like, does it go your way or his way?

Have a great Saturday! I'm headed out for jog!

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