Monday, September 24, 2012

Lying Little Kids

"I promise, I'm not lying!"
Would this cute face lie?
 Kids learn to lie at a very young age. Why is this? It freaks me out!

It was bed time. Bobo says he brushed his teeth. I knew he hadn't, but he insisted. To me, he's just my sweet little innocent boy, and I find it amusing when he tries to be naughty. I was going to joke with him  until he couldn't keep the lie up any longer....then Daddy Tage stepped in.

He says, "That's 1 strike, we don't lie in this family."
I immediately thought that his approach was a bit too extreme, and give him a "death glare."

He responds, "What? He lied."
I roll my eyes.
"Did he brush his teeth or did he not?"
"He didn't."
"So he lied. And we don't lie."
Without any other defense I say something stupid..."I guess our definitions of lying are different."

Bobo brushes his teeth with frustration that he was in trouble for his little white lie.

The next day at church....

We have a Sunday School lesson focused on "Every Word of Command with Exactness."
Through the class discussion I realize that as a 4 year old, getting away with a little lie can lead to bigger and bigger lies. I came to the conclusion that it's better for my son to be aware of his wrong choices now, when they have little consequence rather than later, when the consequences will be much worse than being made to brush his teeth.

If he can get away with "I brushed my teeth." Then what's next?

As hard as it is to see the kids suffer through consequences, I'm so grateful for my husband and his ability to see past the cute little faces in order to teach and guide our kiddos to learn what's right and wrong. Kids these days seem to be extremely bad or extremely good. The only way to become extremely good, is to have parents that believe in their kids ability to rise above the refiners fire in order to become great! Also parents that can set aside their own need for approval and resist the ease of taking on their children's burdens, because they understand a bigger reward is achieved.

But, they are just so darn cute, and snuggly. I want to save them from every tear and hurt feeling. But, I have to remember they are GREAT spirits that can only achieve their potential by learning the necessary lessons of life.

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