Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back!

Marriage can get boring and serious really fast.

I use to dream of a particular scenario:
Standing in the kitchen making dinner. My husband walks in the door from work.
Kids are running through the neighborhood.
Husband cuddles up behind, as I finish mixing up dinner. Hands are a mess and I'm helpless to his suggestive compliments. He whispers something sexy in my ear. And before I get a chance to wash my hands we've captivated each others attention as if we were in our first month of dating.

Sounds AMAZING!...right?!

Well, I am very blessed to have a husband that fulfills this dream. Yet, I completely have dismissed his effort.
Instead of being flirty and engaging in the moment, I get bugged by him getting in my way. I say that it's inappropriate to be this way, in case the kids were to run in the house unexpectedly. And to my horror, I suddenly destroy a dream come true. In terror I realize I have become a "boring old maid."

Why would I do this!? I think as mother's and women, we constantly are trying to be better. And when we are focused on being better and better we don't stop and let ourselves just be the GREAT that we already are. And therefore we miss out on being sexy, cute, and confident in the given moment. We may think, not yet just a few more pounds to lose. Or, not today my hair is a mess. I'm just not in the mood the kids have driven me crazy all day.

I say to this, "Be a HOT MESS TODAY, NOW!...RIGHT NOW!" Text your husband something cute and sexy, let your man feel wanted. Let yourself be the Fun, Flirty, Sexy Girl he fell in love with. Don't fall into the "old maid" routine.

Bring your SEXY back!

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