Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Bread and Milk

We were out of bread and milk.
It was late, but the kids wanted their regular pre-bed toast snack.
I went to the store and came back with:
  • Bread (2 loaves, they were on sale for $1)
  • Milk (whole for Tage)
  • Almond Milk (for me)
  • Non Dairy Milk (for Grant)
  • Grapes (thought it would be nice for Tage to have some fresh fruit available for the kids this week)
  • Eggs (we were down to 1, and sometimes eggs are all that Tage will make for himself)
  • Lettuce (carrots was the only current fresh vegetable we had in the house, and I like salad)
  • Onions (onions are a constant necessity, and we were down to 1)
I was proud of myself for only getting necessities.
I thought they would make Tage's new life at home a bit easier...

I walked in the door with my bags of groceries and Tage says, "I thought you were only getting Milk and Bread?"
My first thought...Why doesn't he appreciate me, I went all the way to the grocery store, instead of watching America's Got Talent, and even got a few other necessities so that his life could be easier. Why can't I ever be good enough?

Then, I switched my mind set and thought: I love you, my ungrateful man. When you are eating eggs tomorrow  instead of being sad that there is only 1 egg left, maybe just maybe, you'll be glad I got some extra's. And if not, then sad for you that you can't find gratitude. 

I say (with a smile and a bit of sass): "Yup, just lots of Milk and Bread." 

As woman, it's so so easy for us to assume negative intent. We take everything personally, when most of the time it has nothing to do with us, it's simply a different perspective of the situation.

He was more focused on the money spent, when the expectation I set was that Milk and Bread would be purchased and all he saw was 4 additional grocery bags, of who knows what...

If I had assumed positive intent, then I could think: There is my Hero protecting our family from unnecessary spending. I'm sure glad we help each other stay on track with our finances...(then let  him do all the grocery shopping) :)

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