Sunday, September 25, 2011


At Family Home Evening with all 3 kiddos.

I would like to pick a consistent way of referring to Tage, (the father of this home).

It gets tricky sometimes:

Sitting with the kids, making a FHE craft...

  • To Doda: "Go ask your Dad"

  • To Tage: "Hey Dad, who has the opening prayer?"

  • To Bobo: "Tage has the scissors"

It gets tricky. I think I told Doda to ask Tage for help, and Tage (kindly) corrected me about him being Doda's Dad.

As much as anyone would want to have their family feel like one unit: With Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters. That is not exactly what we have.

What we have, are great kids and the ability to set aside titles and focus on creating unity, respect, and love. The kids will figure out what title works for them.

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