Monday, September 19, 2011

Bed Time- Tage Style

When you have been doing everything you can to keep your kids happy, because their world just fell apart, it's very hard to enforce new rules.

Before Tage:
Bedtime was a nightmare. It took 2,3..hours to get the kids to bed. Crying, yelling, Mom this, and mom that. Until, I was exhausted and frustrated, and kids were crying themselves to sleep with their door closed for the 4th time.

New Family Rule:
If there is whining, and/or noncooperation in getting ready for bed, kids lose their story time.

But....I love story time! That's not fair! That's my time with the kids, I don't want to miss out on that....not fair!

When I finally got over throwing my own pity parties, when they would lose their reading privilege...guess what happened?!

Now: (for the most part) Kids head up stairs, get their teeth brushed, get in PJ's, I read to one while the other talks on the phone to their Dad and then we switch. I don't have to get juice, or warm chocolate milk. I say goodnight and give kisses. Tage checks in on them. They say goodnight, I love you. And I get to spend the rest of the evening with Tage.

I LOVE IT! It was harder for me to get here than the kids, but Yeah! And I get to have much more enjoyable story times than I use to anyway.

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