Friday, September 30, 2011

Knock Please

Parents get to have personal boundaries?!....really?!

Boundaries, what are those?

Something that was important to Tage when we moved in was that the kids would knock if they wanted to come in our room. It was important that we have our own space, especially as "newly weds".

Coming from my little tiny basement of my parents house, my space was their space. And that seemed to work just fine. But, I liked the idea of having my own space, just didn't think it was a realistic expectation.

Bobo jumped up one morning and came happily into our room to say good morning. He was immediately greeted with a reminder to go back out and knock. I thought, "Why can't he just come in and snuggle up? We don't have to have that rule all the time, under every circumstance, just back off..."

Despite my inconsistency, and frustration. Despite the kids push back, Tage stayed consistent. Then one morning I was getting dressed, the door was slightly opened, and cute Bobo stood at the door and knocked. He asked if he could come in. I could see that he was learning respect and had confidence in his ability to follow the rules.

From that moment, I was on board. I love having OUR OWN ROOM!

Thank you Tage!

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