Monday, October 1, 2012

If I Died...

It's October!  Here is a fitting topic for the Halloween season:

If I died...

My kids would live with their Dad. The structure of my family as it is, would cease to exist.

Tage's life would go back to what it was: Single Dad with his son every other weekend.

So, that poses the question: what is life insurance for?
Is it to insure the life that you built, is able to continue on?
Does that mean it goes to your children or to your husband?

In a traditional family it's a simple choice, it would go to your spouse in order to continue to support the life that you both built together.

Also, Tage is legally obligated to financially support his son.
As the head of this household he financially contributes, but has no legal obligation to do so.

Yet, if he were to die the family he and I have put together would continue on. I would still have my children on the same schedule and I would hope to still have my step son on the same schedule. Hard to think if he were to leave this life, he would be physically missing from ours while financially supporting another.

So...where should my life insurance go?
Where should Tage's life insurance go?

Not very fun to think about. I plan on living a very very long time, just to avoid having to deal with any of!

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