Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This is Crazy

I lived in Cheyenne, where no one aspires to live. I made  wonderful friends there that I never wanted to leave. When my life was pulled out from under me I had no choice but to move and start over.

I prayed for a miracle; somehow keep these wonderful people in my life.

I met Tage, he had lived in Cheyenne growing up.
Watching a home video at his parents while we were dating, I had been in the house he grew up in.
He had been in the little yellow house that I had rented when I first moved there with my ex-husband.

I was grateful for the connection, but did not yet recognize the magnitude of this miracle.

A few weeks ago, we finally made the trip to Cheyenne. It was a missionary farewell for their family friends son. My ex husband had been this young man's church leader.

The lady we stayed with:
 My dear friend from my old ward, and the mistresses best friend.
To Tage she was a good friend while he lived there after his family moved.

The family friends:
Their Dad served with my ex husband in the church. Their Mom hosted many parties I attended. Their daughter was our babysitter.
To Tage; the family had lived with them when he was little. Tage's Dad had brought their parents to the church while he was on his mission.

Tage and I went to church in "our" old ward. Old to me from 2 years ago, old to him from 10 years ago. My ex-brother-in-law is now the Bishop. I walked in and embraced my old sister-in-law, and sat by her children that were once my nieces and nephews. As I looked around at what was once my old life and the people that surrounded me from my new life I was overwhelmed with this amazing miracle!


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