Friday, March 23, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Sitting in a meeting at work, I got an instant message from the front desk security.
“You have flowers at the front desk”

I couldn’t leave the meeting.
I sat there for another 30 minutes trying to focus, but all I wanted to do was go see my flowers!

I tried to think of what I had done to deserve the flowers, or what he had done wrong to have the need to send them.
I couldn’t think of anything.

Finally, I went down the stairs as fast as I could.
Turned the corner and there it was, almost 4 feet tall!
Gorgeous, the prettiest ones yet.

On the note, “Have a wonderful Wednesday!”

And, just like that, I am reminded that my life is incredible.
That I matter to a man I love, I matter on a random Wednesday, in the middle of work, I matter enough to spend the money and place the order that will show me, (and everyone in my office) that I matter!

In the middle of writing a story from the past, where I had moments that I thought I was invisible, this moment is a dream come true.
My life is a dream come true!

You are a dream!


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