Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drink of Water

Which lesson to teach???

It's a late bedtime. Teeth are brushed, prayers are said, story is told, PJ's on, hugs and kisses, and into bed they go.

A minute later....Moooooooooommmmm.....can I have a drink please? I'm so thirsty!

At this point 2 differet lessons can be taught:

Lesson 1: Getting ready for bed includes everything that you would need to do before getting into bed, which includes a drink of water.

This would prepare them for times while they are in school, and the teacher gives instructions for all the steps necessary to finish a task prior to recess.

Lesson 2: Build confidence in their ability to be self reliant. If they need a drink of water, they are capable of getting up, getting a drink and getting back into bed.

* The potential problem- If we let one get up and get a drink, then before we know it the other one needs a drink too, then there is giggling and come to find out the drink of water has turned into a "potion" making session.

So....? Which one is more important right now?

And why do parents let a simple request for a drink of water lead into an hour discussion of who's right, while locked in the bathroom, so the kids don't hear our disagreement...ha ha!

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