Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Moments

When your children's other parent isn't there anymore, you find yourself missing the joy you once had in seeing them giggle with their Dad. Or watching their Mom kiss their scratched knee and wipe their tears.

As Tage and I work to combine our families, those moments are become more and more frequent and genuine.

Dooda came for the weekend, and runs in saying "A'cella A'cella" and puts his arms around me.
When I put his coat on, he gave me a little kiss. When he gets tired he rubs my ears.

I found Lulu snuggled up with Tage reading to him, while he lays in bed with his hurt back.
As Lulu and I finished up a game of Trouble, Bobo was running out of energy to finish the game, and sweet Daddy Tage said, "Hey buddy, you wanna come lay down by me?" I could see Bobo feel so accepted and loved.

Sometimes it is difficult to open your heart and give moments to a new child. You feel as though you won't have enough left to give your own child. Or that by loving another child your child will feel less loved. But, as we all grow, we are learning that is not the case at all. By loving all our childrend we find that we can love more than we believed we could and that by showing love to our new family, our original children learn how to love even more.

Thank you Tage for opening your heart. Thank you for being willing to be in thier lives everyday. Putting up with all the tough, mundain, thankless things is not easy.

I will cherish each sweet moment.

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