Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 5 Love Languages

We have started reading this book, just a page or two at night.

Last night we were reading about the 1st Love Language of Physical Touch.
Some observations:

Dooda loves to wrestle and will play with his cute little ears or anyone's ears that are within arms reach when he's tired. He loves his stuffed animals, and before we got married he slept all snuggled up with his Dad. He shows sweet and 'sour' emotion physically.

Bobo loves to snuggle, but he never has been too attached to a blanky or a stuffed animal. He loves to be held, and when he sleeps beside me, he will find my face with his little hands. He can enjoy wrestling if its happy and playful. But the moment he feels it is anything otherwise, he is immediately on the defense with hurt feelings.

Interesting...If your 1st Love Language is Physical Touch, then if there is any negative physical touch, it will be more devastating to you then it might be to another person. This explains why spanking some children works, and others just laugh about it.

The biggest thing I got out of this information, was to simply pay attention. And that each person/child is different and need different things to feel loved. Even if that Love Language isn't the way I naturally express my love, it is what they need. Loving someone is about having them feel loved.

So if hugs don't come naturally in your family, and you have a kid that drives you bonkers always wanting to play with your hair, try giving him more hugs....and see what happens!

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