Thursday, February 2, 2012

Muddy Boots

The story was that she "fell" in the mud....

Parent Teacher conference revealed that prior to the "falling in the mud", there had been a class discussion about staying away from the mud.

If you fell in the mud, wouldn't more than just your boots be muddy? But, somehow just her boots were covered in mud, yet nothing else.....hmmmm?

Encouraging Lulu to tell the truth has been a daily challenge right now. So, later that night.....

Lulu, I would like to understand how you fell in the mud? Your teacher told me that you were suppose to stay away from the mud. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to tell the truth, but right now you won't get in trouble for having jumped in the mud. So, can you tell me the truth?

Lulu with a mischievous smile: Yeah, me and my friend jumped in the mud!

Okay, jumping in the mud wasn't a very good decision was it? You are not in trouble for jumping in the mud.

But, you lied to your teacher and to your parents. You need to fix your lie.
So, until you tell your teacher the truth you won't be allowed to wear your rain boots...(which she loves).

We said a little prayer this morning so that she could have courage to do the right thing. I've been nervous for her all day!

I hope to teach her how to be truthful now when it's just about muddy shoes, instead of dealing with ditching school, troubled friends, and illegal decisions.

Gosh, being a parent is troublesome sometimes.

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