Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Mom Morning

Great got up on their own, came downstairs to find me making sausage for breakfast. They were happy and obedient.

Bobo took all the garbages out, so cute.
Lulu came down dressed and hair done.

The morning continued with smiles.
Shoes were on, beds were made, teeth were brushed.

So, cartoons until Mom was ready...very very rare!

As we are walking out the door...
Lulu: "Can I have a treat"?
Mom: "No honey, you told a lie yesterday, so the consequence was no treat in the morning for a week."
Lulu: "But I worked so hard this morning and did all the right things!"
Mom: " I know, and wasn't this morning great! You got everything done that you wanted, I never had to tell you to do anything, and you got to watch cartoons!"
Lulu: Decided to throw a fit out to the car....

Instead of focusing on her fit and lecturing about not throwing fits, I went a completely different direction....

I have a Quiz for you both this morning! Bobo- How do you spell GO? Lulu - How do you spell HOME? Immediately no crying or whining, and best part was they were practicing their spelling words!

Proud Mom moment! Yay!

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