Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Muscles for Blending a Family

When you suddenly are blessed with a new family it is required for your heart to grow.

You would think that it would grow through only peaceful joy and happiness.
But, I think it's more like growing your muscles...after all, your heart is a muscle.

Requirements for Big Muscles:

Sacrifice - You don't always look forward to it, you don't always enjoy it, but when you get that second wind or you hit that runner's high, it's worth doing it again! Sometimes you despise going to the gym, but you know in the end it will be worth it.

Patience - It takes time, lots of time! And all people are different give yourself the time you need to grow.

Discipline - Self control is one of the most rewarding attributes. Don't let the bad stuff in. You can work really hard and do all the right stuff, but if you're still pigging out on cake or not eating at all, then you will not succeed.

Consistency - Your results will follow your consistency. When you do a lot to grow you will see results, when you don't follow through you will feel like you have to keep starting over and over again. Don't give up, do it even when you don't see immediate results.

Nutrients - You can't just have pain, you have to get in enough of the right nutrients that builds muscle. If you only focus on the work, then you will always be sore and not get the results you are working towards. Nutrients consists of all the good stuff and lots of it. Sometimes more than you feel you have time to prepare, sometimes drinking the amount of necessary water isn't as easy as it seems.

So give all the hugs and kisses you can, and hold them when they are sad, laugh, have fun, compliment them, give them praise...and all the other good things that are needed to grow your heart.

Getting big muscles is not easy, and it comes with sacrifice and pain...but your results will be worth it!

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