Thursday, September 6, 2012

Splash on the Wall

Probably can't see it...but it's there...

I got a moment to clean, not just pick up, but scrub some walls and kitchen floor.

It was one of my cherished "Mom" moments.
  • Kids making "Chalk Potion" on the front porch.
  • Dinner in the crock pot.
  • Husband on his way home.
  • Me scrubbing the kitchen.

As I moved the kitchen table bench to sweep, I was suddenly reminded of the reality of being a working mom.
There on the wall were lines of an unknown substance that had dripped down the wall.
And, I don't even know how or when they got there. Drips of this magnitude are hard to go unnoticed. I know that my painting on the wall is not secreting any liquid substance that would cause the lines.
It had to have come from little hands spilling their milk or spitting their milk at each other.

1- Feel bad that I didn't notice for probably months that there was milk dripped down my walls.
Think about how horrible it is to not be home with my kids. Beat myself up that I don't stay up til 2 am cleaning my house every night.


2- Clean the wall and feel good about cleaning the wall.

I chose the latter. Worked out much better! 

Enjoy the moment, and give yourself credit for the here and now!

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