Thursday, September 13, 2012

Doormat to Dreamgirl

After a failed marriage and now a second chance to be a better person and a better wife, I owe a big lesson to this book. Hopefully, it doesn't take a second marriage for you to learn what I've learned.


Your husband starts stomping around the house because he can't find matching socks.

Choice 1: You feel bad about having not matched the socks yet, you drop everything you are doing and dig through the bottom of the laundry basket to find him his desperate pair of socks.

What he learns: That if he stomps around and throws a fit about something, he will get what he wants.

Choice 2: You give him your sexy sassy smile and say, Oh what's wrong you can't find your socks? There is this basket up stairs full of items that appear to be socks. Some people that want to find socks might try looking there...but, you're a big boy, I'm sure you can figure it out. :) Give him a kiss and a smile, and continue doing what you are doing.

What he learns: To find his own socks. And that you aren't his Mom. You are the cute, sassy girl that isn't a door mat.

This book has given me the missing tools I have needed to stand up for myself, and has eliminated several episodes of "hurt feelings". 

We women need to be more bold. We need to teach our children how to stand for who we are and how to boldly and righteously demand the respect we deserve. 

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