Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waking a Grizzly Bear

Yesterday I went to wake up my sweet little girl.

In her place I found a Grizzly Bear!!! Very scary!
The Bear kicked and screamed that it did not want to wake up or go to school.

Which is understandable being that Grizzly Bears don't go to school.
The Grizzly Bear proceeded to have a lot of trouble getting dressed, and doing a morning routine that a little girl normally does.

It is very hard for a Grizzly Bear to get dressed, make a bed, brush teeth, and is extremly angry when they find they have ran out of time for breakfast!

My Grizzly Bear had a hard time getting in the car and out of the car.

The Bear made it through school, but came back home to realize that Grizzly Bears aren't able to be around people.

But, while in the bedroom, the Grizzly Bear started destroying important things, like pictures and bedding. So, unfortunately I had to take out all the important things, so the Bear wouldn't destroy things that are important to my sweet little girl.

I hope by having my Grizzly Bear write a story about what it can do to wake up as a sweet girl, and take some time away from everyone, in order to become a sweet girl again; the Grizzly Bear will go away.

I love my Grizzly Bear, but she sure is happier and nicer to be around when whe is a sweet little girl.

Hope you don't have Grizzly Bears at your house today!

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