Saturday, August 11, 2012

Glad I wasn't a Jerk

It's my 32nd Birthday!

I've been a bit on his case about going on dates. So, when he asked to on a date for Friday I was thrilled.
I instantly thought of getting ready for the date, and having him knock on the door with flowers behind his back and picking me up, just like the dates in the movies. When Friday came and I came to understand that he expected me to meet him at work on my way home from work, without changing or getting ready, I was disappointed and expected this disappointment to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

I took the opportunity to get a new outfit during my lunch break, all the while annoyed that I was spending money and that what I wanted to wear was at home. I was annoyed that I was being inconvenienced while he was the one taking me out on a date. But, I had enough sense to not text him anything too bratty or mean. After telling him that my new outfit cost him more than it would've in gas to come get me, he replied with, "I brought you a change of clothes, but oh well, Happy Birthday!" I was suddenly reminded that my husband is a thoughtful man who thinks of my needs.

I was being selfish and he simply had to work until 5pm. He had made dinner reservations for 5:30 and wanted to be sure that we had all evening. When I arrived at the Hotel (where he works) he greeted me in the lobby and handed me some room keys to go change. He had booked us a room for the night! No wonder he didn't want me to drive all the way home!

We went to a wonderful dinner at Faustina in downtown Salt Lake City. I highly recommend it, it was divine! If all of this wasn't enough, he drove to Red Butte Gardens and we had VIP tickets for the Colbie Callait concert. It was a magical evening, filled with surprise and continual reminders of the wonderful man I am married to.

I'm so glad I didn't freak out about him not picking me up!

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